Is public WiFi safe? …

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Is Public WiFi safe?  I used to believe so, but I have had one too many “alarms” spark up on my laptop from using public WiFi.   Sitting in a coffee shop or restaurant and my laptop slowed down its processing of bandwidth to the Internet.  Working remotely doesn’t allow for such a slow down, especially if you are on a time crunch.

Research lead me to find technology for mobile Internet access, something price friendly, technology configurable and not something that can get “hacked”.  After testing a few simple pieces of equipment, my decision went to a tablet.  Unfortunately, the price per month went up, but for safety and corporate protection, I feel that I made the best choice.

Remote bandwidth runs on the cellular network, it always available, at least my carrier is.  My tablet is the cousin to my laptop, my cell phone and my watch.  They are all one family, which made the most sense.  Don’t pinch pennies when it comes to security for your company.