VoIP …

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Your talking on it right now.  OK, maybe not right now, but both your business and home (if you still have a home line) are all on VoIP.  The phone system at your office may still be on your premise, but everything else is out in the “cloud”.

Gone are the days that you need a big “PBX” in your office.  All you really need is your laptop, but if you so choose, a desktop phone.  I know, you like the idea that you can see the equipment, but what happens if your office loses electricity, no voicemail and no phone calls.  If you have a hosted VoIP system and you lose electricity, all your calls are answered by the system and either voicemail messages can be left or you can have they system forward the calls to your cell phone.  Doesn’t that sound easy?  It is, just ask me about it.